Friday, September 23, 2011

Transitional Justice and the Past; Victims' Perspective

It is not a matter of whether our country is in transition or not. Because justice is justice. The point is that we have to deal with the legacies of the past abuses by the dictator, authoritarian, military junta or even by a so called democratic government. That way, it is relevant for people to talk about a future full of respect of human rights, democracy, rule of law, prosperity and peace. Let's make it come true that the most affected society, the victims, are heard and involved in the process of formulating policies for dealing with the past when the United Nations is doing so. From an expert conference, "Transitional Justice and the Past; Perspective of the Victims" organized by the Geneva for Human Rights in Geneva, September 21, 2011.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Munir Assassinated - As old as your regime, SBY!

Munir was assassinated on the Garuda plane on his way from Jakarta to Amsterdam, on September 7, 2004. The forensic investigation by Dutch authority found that there was huge amount of deadly arsenic poison in his body. Fact Finding Team (TPF) set up by President SBY found the involvement of high rank officers of the State Intelligent Body (BIN), including Gen (Ret) AM Hendropriyono and Maj. Gen. Muchdi PR.

All the masterminds, including other suspect are still, except Garuda pilot on board with Munir on the evening of September 7, 2004, Policarpus Budihari Priyanto.

It has been outstanding responsibility of President SBY to reveal the truth about the assassination and bring the perpetrators to justice. The outstanding responsibility that was absent since he assume power months after Munir's death, despite the fact that President SBY once said that "It (assassination of Munir) is the test of our history".

President SBY, during 7 years of his administration has been enjoying his rule without major criticism on the issue of human rights, justice, rule of law and very rampant corruption, from a brave, clean, consistent, persistent and low profile human rights champion like Munir.

Until President SBY take serious measure to bring the most responsible persons to justice, he is enjoying and benefiting himself from the death of Munir.