Saturday, October 08, 2011

"We need more people and persistence!" Patricia Isasa on her "success" in the fights for justice in Argentina

Patricia Isasa or Pato ( as I call her was in Indonesia few days ago. Arriving in midnight in Jakarta after a long trip from America, she had to leave for Denpasar, Bali on her way to her ultimate destination, Timor-Leste. During her short stay in Jakarta, I was able to organize two sharing sessions with some activists on her experiences in life and struggles. She of also shared about her "success" in bringing to courts of 6 high military officers which later sent them to life imprisonment. Some of them were a mayor, a federal judge, and high police officer. She share some "tips" for success (Thanks for them, Pato!). Most importantly, she is just "too" enthusiastic in working with us, to strengthen the efforts, to make possible our search for truth, justice and reparation. We all have same dream of the people of common concerns, experiences and hopes. So we will follow them up!

Pato was also able to meet and talk with survivors like hers, of the case of the 1965/1966 tragedy, who were having a meeting at Kontras. When told that the meeting of the survivors and victims with the President Staff of Human Hights, Law and Corruption Eradication was disappointing, Pato said to them, "at least they are willing to meet you". The Indonesian survivors totally agreed with Pato, although Denny Indrayana left them in the meeting!

Acting as a tourist, Pato also joined the Thursday Rally in front of President Palace with tens of families of victims.

The last meeting and discussion we had with Pato was the one at Tjikini 17. So serious, that Pato took two big cups of coffee. Many inspiring ideas were born, on tactics, of advocacy, of negotiation, of many things. But all need to be followed up with concrete things. So let's do it, Pato!

Discussion and sharing is not always interesting, unless if one really is committed to the issue; justice and human rights. Few people in the discussion.

Patricia Isasa joins in the weekly Thursday Rally in front of the Presidential Palace, Jakarta. It is like the one by Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo near the Casa Rosada. The same day, same time, different place.
Just a concrete symbol of solidarity.

Afternoon walks at the National Monument after the Thursday Rally. "Dangdut sounds great!" Pato said.

The conclusion of the meetings, discussions and Patricia's visit; a follow up with an Argentina-Indonesia people solidarity networks, an embryo to a south to south solidarity movement!

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