Sunday, July 31, 2011

Her World Magazine - Indonesia

My daughter was laughing out loud when I told her that a feature story of me was on Her World Magazine.

“Ha ha ha… I will tell all my friends that my Dad is on woman magazine. They all be be laughing. I am sure, Mom will also be laughing to know this”.

Mentari, as I usually call my beloved daughter, was happy to know this, not really because other reason, but particularly because she will have “something” to make fun of me. That way is similar to the “reason” way I was laughing with bitterness when she was falling down from the cherry tree three days ago. I am very sad that she has her ankle swollen now. But well, that’s way we enjoy our days. We laugh at things that are not funny.

Back to a feature story on Her World Magazine Indonesia, June 2011 Edition. Thanks to the editor and writer, Theresia Junita Christy who put the feature there. Just like what she said when interviewing me, we have common concern namely to share bitter and traumatic story, especially related to political violence in the past in order that people will know and learn and get inspiration from dealing with it and hopefully preventing it from happening again in the future. That's what in the feature titled,"Manifestation of My Thankfulness".
It's all about remembering. About combating forgetfulness.

My story has already been in several human rights publications. It is the first that the story is there in Her World Magazine. So Mentari is rights in laughing at it, because is a break through in some way.

I just expect that more popular media expose more of such issues in more popular way.

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